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What does it mean to be green? Let’s start by looking at the dictionary definition of word itself:

green [grēn]

1. Having positive environmental attributes or objectives.
2. Slang money.


Well, yes. But we do think there is money to be made from investing in socially responsible companies as well as warming the cockles of your heart.


Investing ethically isn’t just about being a hippy and endorsing the virtues of the G-Wiz, it’s much more than that. It’s also about supporting companies that avoid investing in certain activities such as armaments, or investing in companies that make positive contributions to society.

The truth is ethical investments do provide good potential for growth. And sometimes endorsements can come from the strangest corners. For example, remember the BP oil spill off the coast of America in 2010? They weren’t exactly everyone’s flavour of the month, but there’s a reason why they invested $1 billion on developing alternative energy in 2010*, (and we’re not entirely convinced it’s because they’ve turned into tree-hugging eco-warriors.) They believe it’s one of the new frontiers for investors.

Everyone has a different opinion on this, so choosing the right ethical investment for you can be confusing and time consuming.

This is where we come in. Our advisers can guide you through the do’s and don’ts of ethical investments to ensure your money is invested in line with your moral barometer. We are able to ask the right questions of you to devise a bespoke portfolio that matches your ethics and conscience.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to get on our soap box about it, all decisions are driven by you.

So, if you’re a hippie, a closet hippie or, like us, you see the potential for strong investment returns from ethical investments, speak to one of our independent financial advisers today and add a little green to your portfolio.

*Source – Reuters website ‘BP to invest $1 bln plus in alt energy this year’ Apr 13th 2010


If you have specific ethical and moral considerations, there are a range of investment options available to you and it is important to choose the correct investment to match your ethics. We can help.